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Can We Control Our Subconscious Mind

Can We Control Our Subconscious Mind

Can We Control Our Subconscious Mind :

Tasks are performed via the conscious mind, but most actions depend on the subconscious mind. They are same as reflex actions in certain ways, but vary. … Yet when the subconscious mind takes control, yourCan we control our subconscious mind conscious mind is unaware you responded to the subconscious stimuli.There is a list of items your subconscious mind deems you are “not ok” with. These items fall under two categories:Things with which you are comfortable with and can say “It is not ok for me” or “I cannot do this” or “That is not meant for me”. You have no conscience about related to these things.The second category relates to things you find complex, perhaps people that hurt you. These include hurt feelings concerning your short comings, thinking about your weaknesses while feeling ashamed to accept them.This second category handles your abnormal and unnatural behaviour.

Can We Control Our Subconscious Mind

Like driving a car on a winding road while evading potholes, your life’s journey represents many subconscious actions. There may have been potholes and obstacles presented to you and you crossed them with ease every time.

Whether your actions have negative or positive impact, important judgements are made regarding dos and don’ts, i.e. things you should and should not do. You assume your own judgements on life’s potholes and decide what should be done to avoid them.

You gather knowledge along the way and form vital knowledge. You judge the people around you and distinguish good from bad. Based on the way people look, you form certain conclusions. Since you met an unpleasant person who had grey eyes and a long nose, your child brain concludes people with grey eyes and long noses are bad.While the conscious mind is remarkable, the subconscious mind is even more awe-inspiring! As your conscious mind processes one choice or action, your subconscious mind simultaneously processes unconscious choices and actions. Once activated, subconscious goals, choices, and actions persist until met. Research indicates that it is not possible to prime your unconscious. However, there are activities and exercises that may allow you to access and or expand your awareness of your subconscious

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