Cover Image vs Featured Image in WordPress Block

Cover Image vs Featured Image in WordPress Block


Cover Image vs Featured Image in WordPress Block: If you use the same featured image as the cover image, the images will show up twice within your content. It’s actually showing two different things a featured image and a cover image, but you’ve selected the same image for both.

You can use the cover image and featured image together on the same page or post. In this example, I have both showing within the article. Ideally, they wouldn’t sit next to each other like this, but this is just to show they can appear within the post. There are times though when you’ll want to use the cover image as the featured image.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to use the same image for both without the image appearing twice. Some themes, like Divi and many others, allow you to exclude the featured image from the content.

When WordPress 5.0 brought in the Gutenberg editor it also brought a few new features to WordPress. Several of those features are seen in the form of blocks. One of those blocks is called Cover, which places a covered image with several customizable features within your post or page content.

Of course, WordPress still includes the option to specify a featured image for pages and posts. This raises several questions. Are covered images and featured images the same? If not, what are they and how are they used? What’s the difference? In this article, we’ll discuss covered image vs featured image in WordPress and answer each of these questions.

Cover Image vs Featured Image in WordPress Block

cover image:

Cover images are actually part of the article and can help improve engagement with the posts. The article can have multiple cover images or videos throughout its content. They’re great for providing visual design and for separating sections of the article if you want to use images instead of just header text. Cover images are especially interesting because of the full-width, text, parallax, and overlay options that are built into WordPress. I love that it can display videos. Until Gutenberg, having these features required a plugin or a page builder.

A cover image is a large photo that’s usually placed at the top of a page or post. They’ve also been called header images. They represent the content. It’s the first thing the reader sees when viewing the content. It helps set the mood or describe the article visually so the reader has an idea of what to expect. They can also be used throughout the page or post to help introduce the next section.

The Cover block lets you add an image with an overlay and text. Upload your image or select your image from the media library. You can also use a video if you want, which will play behind the text and overlay. This is great for creating eye-catching headers. This is something that can’t be done with a featured image without using a third-party plugin.

featured image:
Featured images attract the reader to the article. An article will only have one featured image on the site, which will show anywhere that displays thumbnails for posts, but it can be replaced for another image to show on social media using plugins such as Yoast. Some themes such as Twenty Nineteen, and builders such as Divi, include customizations for featured images.
The featured image supplies the post thumbnail. These thumbnails are displayed anywhere that shows a featured image such as home pages that show blog posts, blog archive pages, and on single posts. The featured image represents the article itself. They’re used to help spark interest and inform the reader as to the type or purpose of the article. They also used as the default image that’s shown when the content is shared on social media unless that image is overwritten manually using a plugin such as Yoast, as seen in the example above.

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