How can I train my mind to think positive

How Can I Train My Mind To Think Positive


How can I train my mind to think positive. People ask me, “How do I reprogram my mind?” Why? Did somebody ninjutsu your brain and hypnotize you into thinking something horrible?

Here’s the thing. Most people don’t need to reprogram anything; they just need to program for the first time.
How can I train my mind to think positive

There are all these patterns of instances and circumstances that have all coalesced into these automatic thoughts and behaviors that people aren’t necessarily being responsible for. They come up automatically and they happen. It’s not as if someone said, “I want you to think this.” No one ever sat them down and wooed them into it.

What they’re really struggling to do is master their mind in a more capable way.

How can I train my mind to think positiveI need to get a hold of my mind because sometimes I just have constant negative recurring thoughts that come up. I can’t get rid of them.
Sometimes I get obsessed about this one bad thing that happened to me.
Sometimes I can’t even control my attention.

Let’s talk about how your thoughts are generated. I’m going to give you one simple framework to think through and then some tips, tools and strategies that you can immediately input into your life to better manage your mind.

Psychologists say we have two systems of thought: System 1 theory, which is your automatic, unconscious immediate thoughts and impulses that come from your body. Usually your brain is saying, Hey dude, we’ve thought through this before, or Hey dude, we’re trying to protect you. It’s running at a baseline easy energetic level.

Your brain loves to optimize itself. It doesn’t like to have to do a lot of thinking. It just likes to say, What do we already know? How can we apply it to this situation?

If you had fears in the past and a similar situation is here, your body generates those fears and says, Hey man, run away again. If you had challenges in the past and you want to protect yourself, your brain just says, Hey, protect yourself right now—we’re worried about this.

But sometimes those are not helpful thoughts. They’re automatic, but they aren’t actually helpful; it’s just your brain saying, This is the easiest route we know.

Part of becoming a more mature, conscious, enlightened person is to take better control of our System 2, which is the conscious dashboard in our mind. It’s our ability to more directly work, control, generate and create our own thoughts and behaviors in the moment, not relying too much on just the things that come up for us.

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