How do I activate my subconscious mind

How Do I Activate My Subconscious Mind


How do I activate my subconscious mind. These days we often get to hear or read about the term subconscious mind.It is now a frequently used generic term in the context of thoughts, mind power, healing etc. – but not very well understood.While volumes and volumes can be written on the subject of sub conscious mind and conscious mind, but for the sake of this blog, it is sufficient to remember that your sub conscious mind is an eager servant willing to obey your commands which are communicated to it through your often repeated thoughts and How do I activate my subconscious mindwords, patterns of thoughts and affirmations.People also use and inter use sub conscious with another term super consciousness. While super consciousness is consciousness of a higher order, the job of the sub conscious mind is to obey your commands (often repeated thoughts) by bringing them into this physical world

Are the thoughts so powerful? Yes, most definitely they are! The phenomenal success of the titles like – “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Power of Positive Thinking” “The Secret” and many more such books are a living testimony to this phenomenon.

Hence almost every human being can and should use this immense mind power to manifest abundance, money, prosperity, unlimited wealth, good health, knowledge, power, position, a healthy body, right body weight or the desired weight loss, and satisfying relationship.

Since time immemorial innumerable successful people have tapped into this amazing power by activating subconscious mind. They may have done knowingly or unknowingly, secretly or in the knowledge of others, but successful people do have certain habits, thought patterns which make them successful in achieving what they set out to achieve in life.When you think a thought intensely, you issue a command to your subconscious mind. This obedient servant of yours manifests it in your physical world – in terms of tangible products / events / circumstances in your life. Thus where you are right now or whatever is your state of affairs or your set of circumstances – it is simply a mirror reflection of your thought patterns.

How do I activate my subconscious mindActually in theory it is quite simple to explain but not so easy to master in real life for many of us. Therefore, we bring to you a few very important and practical methods and steps to activate subconscious mind. Practice them and get immensely benefited like thousands of others.Before one starts the process of tapping into the powers of subconscious mind, it is very necessary to start with an absolutely clean state. This means there has to be flushing out of all negative beliefs, thoughts, ideas including doubts about the powers of subconscious mind and the efficacy of this system.

Consciously watching your thoughts is the key to your personal advancement and success. The finest method of tapping into the unlimited power of your subconscious mind is to first become aware of what’s genuinely going on inside your mind.

Then like the dutiful watchman let the positive, constructive and healthy thoughts be there and multiply while all the negative thoughts should be thrown out and no new negative thoughts be allowed to enter the mind or the system. Is it not a fact that people hardly bother about what they’re thinking of during the course of a day?

Ordinarily successful or not successful individuals permit all kinds of thoughts to pass through their minds. Whereas, successful people or super charged with positive thinking and they are extremely careful in allowing what enters their mind by exercising tremendous control over their thoughts.

This way you activate the Law of Attraction through your subconscious mind when you choose and control your thought patterns and self talk to attract what you want in life.

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