How do you explain quantum physics

How Do You Explain Quantum Physics


How do you explain quantum physics. Quantum physics, also known as quantum mechanics, is a fundamental theory in physics that examines the smallest particles and energies discovered in nature. These include atoms and subatomic particles like electrons and photons.

What makes these particles so unique is that they behave very differently than what we normally think of as matter, such as a rock or a tree. Classical physics would only measure, for instance, how fast a rock rolls down a slope. Whereas, the atoms and subatomic particles within that rock can change their speed, position or even color at certain times.

If you look even closer, atoms and other particles in their basic form are only made up of energy. And energy is in constant motion. This is where traditional scientific principles often break down because moving energy can’t easily be measured and categorized as science aims to do. Instead, we’re left with an amazing new world of possibilities that start to explain nature on a deeper level, which has traditionally been the realm of spirituality.How do you explain quantum physics

EVERY probability whether past, present or future exists as a wave form. They’re still trying to figure out where these “wave forms” come from and what enables them to exist at all.”Quantum Study of light on atomic level led to finding that light was not waves but ended in lumps of light, not continuous, at the atomic level.God particle is light, and matter comes from it. 1. Acts of consciousness and mind, create matter the universe. 2. There is a field, mind of God, that bubbles these acts of consciousness into the universe and into our mind. 3. Stuff of the universe is light, field or mind of God, Higgs field, if it wasn’t there everything would be whipping around at the speed of light, without matter. Matter comes into existence when particle light interacting with the mind of God, creating mass, inertia comes into existence. Higgs came into being later, first there was only light. God said let there be light, there was light. There are 2 kinds of light, spin-one-half, becomes material world interacting with this field, spin-one light, doesn’t interact with mind of God, but messengers between spin-one-half particles. Higgs field brings universe into existence. To physically move takes effort, it’s actually relationship of light of your body with Higgs field. If field is weak then you will become a Light Being. Mind of God is keeping everything, matter, to become light.

Bridging spiritual and scientific. Quantum field theory research lead to this book. You learn more by teaching. Explaining to lay audience proves you really know it, to make it simple.Quantum – Study of light on atomic level lead to finding that light was not waves but ended in lumps of light, not continuous, at the atomic level.The material should not be the primary and only things we think about. Thinking about the ideal, like Plato, not manifest, beyond the material senses.Time & Space: Fundamental units of matter grouped into “fermions” and other is “boson”. Fermions are particles with property of half spin (spin one half). Boson property made of one spin.

These particles are not matter, light particles, move at the speed of light, fermion light and boson light.Fermions light not normal light like Boson light [eg. sunlight], it is zigzagging in space and time, creating space and time.When [Fermions] zigzagging in space maybe interact with something to turn and zigzag, a field, a Higg’s field, slows down and makes matter, quarks and leptons.What’s special about light particles? Einstein proved about light always moves at the same speed, whether going towards it or away from it – not relative speed, space and time must change to accommodate light speed so it be the same. It was an astounding discovery. So space and time are not the arena or primary, a construction from light. Light is the big guy that makes space and time.When moving at speed of light, there is no space, no time.For light, time and space is one, not separate, nothing is moving, not increasing or decreasing. For light the whole universe is a dot, everything is one. We are on the slower than light side of the wall and therefore move and think within time and space, we can measure time and space.For light space and time don’t exist, they come into existence from light. “You are a body of light interacting with the mind of God. ”

How does time and space disappear or come into being. In the beginning there was no space time or matter. Because the beginning was light, Higg’s field. Fermions zigzag in time, they are a mirror of zigzag and they become faster than light. Quantum physics says observation of an event takes place, before the observation cognition, mental activity, objects are not in an objectified physical form, they are in a field of probability which is called, quantum wave function QWIF, when observation occurs, there is an instantaneous collapse of possibilities into actuality and the perceived event, cognition, physicality pop into existence faster than the speed of light. If 2 things have at one point interacted and then separated from each other they can be light years away, these 2 particles affect each other, if we do something to a particle here, the particle on the other end of the universe will reflect the same change instantly.So a mind like activity must take place faster than light. Zigzagging in time, they are the mental activity, that’s mind. The universe is a mind, our mind is taking part. Electrons in the brain, gate molecules, etc.

WHERE QUANTUM PHYSICS AND SPIRITUALITY MEET – Many religious leaders and scientists have recognized the interconnectedness of quantum physics and spirituality. The Dalai Lama has even stated that reconciling science and religious philosophies may be essential to the future of our species. How can this be done? Let’s take a look at what concepts quantum physics and spirituality both agree on.

We Are All One – The concept that we all come from one God or one universal energy source is common throughout many spiritual traditions. Taoism calls this universal energy the Tao, which is described as having no characteristics, yet it is not nothingness because it contains all potential for life. But, in the physical world, we all seem like very separate individuals. How can we all be part of one, unified energy.

One answer for this lies in the center of an atom. If you could look at an atom under a powerful microscope, you would see a small, tornado-like vortex that contained other infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. These vortices are invisible to the human eye, and like all energy, they have no mass or physical structure.

Time Is an Illusion

Considering that your thoughts create reality, some traditions suggest you also create your experience of time. For instance, many schools of Buddhism teach that the way time seems to flow from past to present to future is only an illusion. Quantum physics now provides a way to prove that time is not as absolute as we often think it is.

It starts with what’s known as quantum entanglement. Scientists have proven certain particles can become entangled so that their physical How do you explain quantum physicsproperties will consistently mirror each other. For example, if one photon is spinning horizontally, its entangled partner will be spinning vertically. Interestingly, it’s also been shown this entanglement has nothing to do with proximity. Particles will still mirror each other when they are vast distances apart.

One study took this principle even further. Researchers entangled two photons that had never coexisted. They became entangled while one was in the “future” and one was in the “past”. Despite their separation through time, the physicists were able to show these two photons mirrored each other even in different timeframes.

Your Thoughts Create Reality

Many Eastern spiritual traditions, such as Hinduism, assert that the world we see is an illusion. Your mind has actually created your reality based on your thoughts and perceptions. Numerous modern theories also support this view, including many self-help books that describe how to create the life you want through the power of thought. This may sound far-fetched, but quantum physics has proven that our thoughts can indeed influence matter.

Science previously believed that matter only contained particles, and light only existed in waves. More recently, quantum physicists have found that light can act like a particle, bending around corners or bouncing off walls. And matter can behave as a wave, such as electrons moving in waves around a neutron.

What’s even more far-out is the discovery that simply observing particles actually changes their behavior. Electrons have been shown to behave as waves. Although, an Israeli study revealed they only do this when no one is watching. The more a beam of electrons was observed, the less they behaved like waves. It was as if the observation “forced” them to behave like particles because that’s what scientists expected them to behave like.

Your Actions Come Back to You

Most spiritual teachings echo the Christian saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Or similarly, the karmic principle that what you put into the universe will come back to you. These may sound like simple courtesies, but quantum physics is revealing there may actually be a scientific law behind them.

It turns out that one particle can be in many locations at once. This brain-bending fact has been proven repeatedly in what physicians call the double-slit experiment. Researchers have sent atoms, photons, complex molecules and other single particles through a barrier that has two slits cut into it. Every time, each particle shows evidence of interacting with itself on the other side of the barrier. This shows the particle somehow went through both slits at the same time.

In the world of quantum physics, tiny particles exist in a constant state of flux. This allows them to occupy an infinite number of locations simultaneously, rather than existing in a solid, fixed form like we’re used to in our world.

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