How does the subconscious mind work.

How does the Subconscious Mind work


k A normal human can speak at the speed of 200 to 300 words per minute whereas the subconscious can think at the rate of 1000+ words per minute.
More amazing than that is the mind can perform millions of operations – muchthe subconscious mind work faster than any normal computer.
How does the subconscious mind work.Without your actually knowing, your subconscious mind is regulating your breathing, hear beats, maintain blood pressure, regulating body temperature and multiple other body related functions which is made up of about 6 trillion cells.
The information processing capability of sub conscious mind is mind boggling. It can process 40 Million bits of information per second! Compare it to the almost tiny capability of conscious mind which can process about 40 bits of information per second.
The Subconscious Mind makes up 88% of the human brain’s capacity.
The Subconscious Mind does not work on any logic, therefore, it believes anything that it is told by the conscious mind.
It has a perfect memory. The subconscious mind contains your whole lifetime history in detail. It contains all the reasons you do what you do and believe what you believe.

When Does It Work The Best?

The subconscious mind works best when we are apparently not alert; for instance, while sleeping. Likewise, the subconscious mind works well during the times when we perform supposedly relaxed and easy going tasks.

Examples of such tasks include driving, taking bath, and watching TV. Though there are distractions during these activities, subconscious mind still functions properly.

You can recall your own experiences. There will definitely be numerous examples when brilliant ideas might have clicked in your mind while you were not actually thinking about one. Subconscious mind is certainly an active and smart part of the brain. Therefore, you can use it for multiple objectives to make life happier and prosperous.

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