How many times repeat affirmations

How Many Times Repeat Affirmations


How many times repeat affirmations. When i was first introduced to affirmations, it was via an online coach who told me that we think over 60,000 thoughts a day and therefore should repeat an affirmation or many affirmations atleast 1000 times a day for each atleast.

So I was repeating 5-10 affirmations a day continuously in my head. I would wake up and sleep thinking these affirmations and all day long.

The only time i wouldnt be able to would be when im talking or if i was reading or writing or typing, but on ALL other occasions i was saying them like a computer, literally

I do remember that even whilst saying them worries and concerns about other goals and doubts or fears would always come up, basically i was aware of an anxious feeling inside but not due to the affirmation so much as due to the doubt of whether i need even more affirmations etc
Anyway after 3 months, yes 90 days I stopped, nothing within in had changed at all

Since then i became more interested in learning how to visualise and came across affirmations again, but different now. These sources all said to say them not when your awake but when youre in your relaxed state when you are visualising.

They all said to visualise then to repeat your affirmations 10-20times with as much feeling as possible.

Then other sources mention saying affirmations not in a relaxed state but during the day, only thing is to say them a FEW times or even once but with feelings again. How many times repeat affirmations

None of them say to say the affirmation 1000times a day without feeling (because i realised that saying them 1000 times a day and to have feeling is virtually impossible..i was told to just say them in a parrot fashion, kinda like the way abraham hicks i believe advocate, when they say a belief is just something you have repeated etc)

Now I have come across other sources that say write your affirmation down, attach a date to it, and then carry this in your pocket and whenever you read it, imagine the feeling etc However its the addition of the date that as now confused me, because I feel as if this is now telling the subconsious when to complete the goal, but ive read that this way the subconscious will wait until that date not bring it to fruition sooner.

Every time you read or listen to an affirmation, it becomes a stronger force in your life. Repeat your affirmations at least twice a day—morning and night. I find myself repeating my affirmations throughout the day, repeating them over and over. Soon you will have most of them memorized.

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