How to Choose a Perfect Brand Name

How to Choose a Perfect Brand Name


How to Choose a Perfect Brand Name. If you’ve ever attempted to name a company, you know that the process can be gruelling. First, the best domain names were taken. Our name is an extension of your brand, and it can reinforce the value you provide or distance you from it. When you’re developing a name for a business, a product or a service, you have a number of options: Use the founder or inventor’s name , Describe what you do, Describe an experience or image, Take a word out of context , Make up a word.

If you needed to select three companies to bid on your project to name your product, service or business, which companies would you contact? Are you more likely to call a company with a unique name, an average name, or no name? Which do you think would choose a great brand name for your company? The process is especially challenging because there are more than 24 million businesses in the United States. U.S. trademark law protects business names, so when you find one you like, make sure you can use it. If you infringe on a copyright, you could be forced to abandon your new business name after investing a lot of time and money in it.

How to Choose a Perfect Brand NameHow to Choose a Perfect Brand Name
Create your brand archetype:

For the purpose of branding, it’s only necessary to understand that the avatar is the personification of your customer and the archetype is the personification of your company, along with its products or services. Another helpful way to think of this is to ask yourself how your brand will create an emotional resonance with your intended customers.
brand name ideas:

The next task is to generate possible brand names, which both represent your brand archetype. The perfect brand name for your startup will generally be short, simple and easy to say.
Test your brand name:

So go out there, capture all the domains, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and anything else necessary to finalize the process. Don’t spend too much money on your first version… Remember, a logo is easy to change, but the ethos of what your company is, and what it means to your customer is not.

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