Managed Dedicated Server VS Unmanaged Server


Managed Dedicated Server VS Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Managed Dedicated Server VS Unmanaged Dedicated Server. Hosting is one of most crucial aspects of any internet-based business. Giving your website solid foundations — like the ability to withstand traffic surges and sidestep downtime — is just one of the many reasons it’s important to choose the right service. There are some basic differences between the “managed” and “unmanaged” variety of server solutions.

Managed Dedicated Server:

A managed dedicated server is a dedicated server supplied with a pre-installed OS and where all security updates and patches are installed by the provider – allowing the end user to wash their hands of day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of their hosting environment. Many providers also offer a managed backup service so the customer’s environment can be restored in the event of data loss or hardware failure. Managed dedicated server are for clients who don’t want to handle the day-to-day management of their server in-house. Server management is complex and many clients prefer to focus on other aspects of their business. With a managed dedicated server, our expert system administrators take care of much of the management so that clients can focus on building their applications and growing their business.


Unmanaged Dedicated Server:

Unmanaged dedicated server plans are ideal for hosting clients who are happy to manage their own server. We look after the hardware, the network connection, and everything else the server needs to run reliably. We’ll also install an operating system on the server. With an unmanaged dedicated server, the user is fully responsible for looking after their OS and keeping it up to date with the latest security updates and patches. Depending on what services they intend to run on the server, this can be both technically demanding and resource-intensive – unlike the more hands-free nature of a managed server.

If you need complete control over your dedicated server and have the expertise to manage it for optimal performance, reliability, and security, unmanaged server plans are designed for you. But if you’d rather let us take care of many of the day-to-day tasks associated with server management and complex tasks like setting up DNS hosting, choose managed server hosting.


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