What is the meaning of Metaphysics

What is the meaning of Metaphysics


What is the meaning of Metaphysics. General metaphysics is the study of ultimate reality as in the big picture of reality and is done empirically by most contemporary philosophers. Items of study in general metaphysics are categories, universals, attributes etc. This is not necessarily the study of any afterlife or upper reality; that subject is a matter of special metaphysics. Universals by D.M. Armstrong is a good example of what general metaphysics is.

Special metaphysics has potentially an infinite number of sub branches, each studying one particular subject. One such subject may be ghosts and spirits but most contemporary philosophers don’t take this particular subject mater seriously. Topics that are taken seriously are philosophy of mind and psychology, personal identity, and aesthetics.

Unlike physics which studies concrete objects, metaphysics studies abstract objects like mathematics, logic etc.

The common denominator of these and all similar subjects, of course, deals with an exploration of reality, and in the idealistic sense, how such knowledge What is the meaning of Metaphysics may benefit human life on this earth, both individually and collectively. If, then, this is the aim of such interests, it is why most professional metaphysical practitioners regard metaphysics as a spiritual philosophy or way of life. All but a very few practitioners in metaphysics today have a pivotal point of some sort of spiritual philosophy in whatever system or teaching of metaphysics they are engaged. It is important to understand this, especially when reviewing the legal technicalities of being in metaphysics professionally.

What is the meaning of Metaphysics

If we were to travel from one metaphysical teacher or organization to another, we would find people engaging in different things, all under the label of metaphysics. This could be a wide range, such as yogis, mystics, astrologers, positive thinking teachers, meditation teachers, spiritual healers, graphoanalysts, self-help teachers, counselors, coaches, and so on. The range is wide, but again the basic denominator is the search for truth, purpose and meaning in life, which cannot be isolated from basic spiritual questions. All of these fields, therefore, are regarded as part of metaphysics by the University of Metaphysics and the University of Se-dona, in regard to its doctoral degree and to its other programs and affiliations with its students and graduates.

It is not the position of the universities or its parent body, the International Metaphysical Ministry, to take one phase of study over another, as it is the belief of the universities that there are many paths humans may travel on the way to finding truth. There is an old proverb which states, “No matter what path a human may travel, it is My Path; no matter where they walk, it leads to Me.”

In a more absolute sense, we like to think of metaphysics as dealing with the basic questions of life, such as the relationship of man, mind, and the Universe, which leads to answers to the age-old questions of anyone who has truly paused to reflect on life by asking the most fundamental questions of all – “who am I; what am I; where have I been, and where am I going?”

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