What is the spiritual meaning of love

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Love


What is the spiritual meaning of love. People do crazy things when it comes to love. Some run away from home, others stay in an abusive relationship in the name of love, some quit their career because their love dictated so, and so much more. Most people claim they are in love but in reality, they have no idea what the meaning of true, spiritual love is. In some relationships, they are driven by obsession, jealousy, and intimidation of their spouse. They stalk their spouses everywhere they go, they physically and mentally abuse them, all in the name of love. Some people go to the extent of making sure their partners do not have any friends. That is not a definition of love; it is an illusion of love. The meaning of spiritual love is when you are able to maintain your individuality, despite the feeling of passion. You are able to love without applying any rules to each other. This is unconditional love. It does not matter that your spouse is ugly, shorter than you, or he laughs in an irritating way. You will love him or her the way he or she is. You will love all the flaws he or she portrays and not criticize them. Many people apply conditions in their relationships, claiming they love eachWhat is the spiritual meaning of love other. For instance, you tell your spouse you love him when he buys you something. In spiritual love, it is like a spell that has been cast upon you. You appreciate your significant other as he or she is – no condition applies. You love him deep down and you just know it in your heart. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, that’s spiritual love. Below are some guidelines to help you know you are truly in love.

Equality Applies In Spiritual Love – Most people do not know the definition of equality in a relationship. It means when two people connect and they decided to live together, roles are defined automatically. You are able to acknowledge each other’s talents and respect each other enough to let them work their magic in your relationship. In every relationship, duties come automatically. In spiritual love, you know who is better at handling a certain aspect of your lives together. Trust applies in such a situation where you let your spouse take the lead without any prejudice or judgment. This does not make either the person in the couple lesser human beings, it just makes them more in love with each other.

You are wildly attracted to the person – I’m not talking about superficial attraction, being attracted simply on the merit of the person’s beauty, I’m talking about a feeling of wanting to connect with the person so fully, that physical contact is electric! The yearning to simply touch the person’s hand, or be in their company provokes a “lust” in you the likes that you have rarely, if ever, felt with another person. It’s an energy that you feel whether the person looks like what they consider to be their worst, or is dressed to the nines.

You Find Comfort in Each Other’s Company – In spiritual love, there are no expectations from each other, no dressing up for the other. You just present yourself as you are. When you are in love with each other, you feel that you can conquer the world together. You do not see anything big under the sun. You experience joy when you are together and you do not question each other’s devotion. Only the two of you understand your connection. The way you feel for each other has no easy definition. You just feel content and your life will have a meaning. In most relationships, you will find people questioning themselves. They do not trust their judgment and most of the time they make excuses to split. Others spend years courting their partner and not making any real commitment since they find flaws in one another. In spiritual love, no such thing applies. You love your spouse as he or she is. You appreciate them for who they really are. There are no jitters or second-guesses when you are together.

Spiritual Love Promotes Growth – When you connect with someone and you vow to live together, you expect to grow in all ways, especially personal growth. Your spouse should be free to let you know your flaws and you must take them positively. Listen to your spouse’s advice. If someone loves you, you should not expect him or her to mislead you. We cannot achieve personal growth if our spouses do not speak up about our mistakes. In spiritual love, you do not take your spouse for granted nor do you see him or her as a tool to make ends meet. This is a great opportunity for you to experience the true joy of being in love.

What is the spiritual meaning of love

Spiritual Love Does Not Let You Settle for Anything – As a human being, you are entitled to love life, follow your passions, love a certain lifestyle, to be respected and loved. Your spouse should also value the things you love. He or she should not dictate the way you live. Your love should learn to incorporate his or her needs into yours. You should live in harmony and be able to respect each other. Nowadays, most commitments are the opposite. People settle for a lot less. They let their spouses dictate their way of living and have no mutual respect in the commitment, all in the name of “love”.

Spiritual Love Makes You Long For the Future – Every relationship differs from the others in so many ways. When two soul mates love each other deeply, they do not tire of each other easily. The excitement might fade with time, but curiosity remains. You will love each other more and more with passing years. You are two individuals who have different characteristics, but living together will enable you two to explore each other to the fullest as you age with time. Some claim they fell in love at first sight, but it takes time and growth to realize that you deeply love your spouse and that living without him or her would be unfulfilling. Furthermore, everybody would like an opportunity to grow old with his or her loved one. Nowadays, lovers settle for a lot less. They simply want to benefit from each other since they have no better option. Once they find someone new they feel a connection to, they part ways instead of giving their love a chance. True love takes time and patience. Even in the holy texts of different religions, spiritual love applies. To sum it all up, spiritual love is  l love that has no boundaries. It gives meaning and importance to your life. Everyone wishes to experience this kind of love at one point in life. It is a wonderful thing that cannot be compared to any other feeling in the world. It is hard to find unconditional love unless you exercise some patience. Couples who have a spiritual love are happier, they understand each other, and they fight less. If you are in a spiritual love, give it your best since you never know when it will end. Learn from each other and appreciate what both of you have. You are luckier than others because you have experienced spiritual love and you know its definition.

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