Why We Choose WordPress for Blog Site


Why We Choose WordPress for Blog Site? WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), which means it’s designed to help you Organise and display the content on your site. Everything that appears on your site, from  the header with your Business name to Contact information  to your blog posts and  videos. If it’s on your site, it’s content. It May help to think of your website as an empty Retail space. Your CMS  is the shelving and racks  you set up to make sure  the  contents of your store are organized  logically ,easy to reach and  displayed attractively,  When you are choosing  a CSM , you have lots of options and they are not all equal in terms of cost , function, and aesthetics.

  1. Free is good when you’re operating on a  small  business budget. You’ll still  have to pay for web hosting, and you may want to buy a theme instead of using a free one to change the way your site looks. Word press why-we-choose-wordpress-for-blog-siteCMS costs nothing to download.
  2. Word press prides itself on its five-minute installation and support guides  to walk you through the process.
  3. Thirty percent of all websites run on word press, and it has a 60% share of  the CMS  If you ever want to outsource your site maintenance , content or design .  There are plenty of developers , writers , editors, and  designers who know how your sites  CMS works.
  4. Because WordPress code is  open source , hubby and professional developers are always finding ways  to improve it. There are thousands of free and paid themes you can choose from to make your site.  Think  of your theme as similar to the interior , decor of a brick and mortar store . Your Theme will take care of your virtual color  scheme, signage and the details of your site layout. You can search by keyword to find themes that fit your business best and you ever get tired of your theme.
  5. Once you have a chosen a web hot and a theme and set up your basic site ,There are Thousands of plugins you can use to make the site work exactly the way you want it to .you want it to load faster backup automatically or optimize your Blog posts for search results .Because WordPress supports multimedia content , you are not limited to blog posts and photos .you can load  video , podcasts and slideshows on your site with the right plugins .



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